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XenTrial for Seed Growers and Distributors

Every year, around the world, seed companies spend many millions of dollars on the development and testing of new plant varieties and hybrids. It is a very data intensive and complex process, normally conducted across multiple locations, over many years of development.

When the testing process is managed well it will save significant development costs and improve revenues through better selection of seed varieties and reduced product development times. Expert management will achieve standardization of in-field data collection, rapid and efficient centralization of data, simple and quick test planning, rapid reporting and decision making.


XenTrial - working for you


XenTrial is the tool to help you significantly improve the management of your trial process. It has the flexibility to work for a wide variety of crop types, including vegetables, agronomic crops, forage, flowers and forestry.


How XenTrial improves your Trial Management


As a result of Xenacom’s in-depth knowledge of the seed trialling process and use of leading edge technology, XenTrial delivers the “best in class” features, including:

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