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Public Sector Solutions

Mobile ID with the Edgeline PIV

The Personal Identity Verification (PIV) module is an all-in-one accessory that enables Intermec CN3 and CN4 series mobile computers to authenticate personnel via multiple methods. The PIV module incorporates a biometric fingerprint reader, a magnetic stripe reader, a smart card reader and a contactless smart card reader into a single snap-on solution. sed with Intermec CN3 and CN4 series mobile computers, the PIV module provides maximum flexibility for applications that demand a multi-step authentication process for access to restricted areas or to highly confidential information. The solution can help federal agencies meet personnel identification requirements driven by Homeland Security directives, as well as assist state and local government with meeting similar needs in Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) and emergency response situations. The PIV accessory is designed for quick and easy snap-on attachment to the host device, and can also be more permanently affixed for long term applications. The CN3 and CN4 Single Dock or Multi Dock enables charging and communication with the mobile computer, via Ethernet and USB client, while the module is attached.


Law Enforcement

Drivers license identification methods vary from state to state, from use of magnetic stripes to bar codes to smart cards. Fingerprinting is also becoming more commonly used when positive identification is needed. The PIV module provides law enforcement officers with fast and flexible access to the data they need from multiple sources.


Emergency Management

The PIV solution can be used to authenticate First Responders within a restricted site and limit access to others, so that site control can be improved. The solution can also be used by EMT personnel to identify, record and treat those people affected by a disaster.

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