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Parking eCitations

The dxCitation System, hosted by DXY Solutions enables small to mid-sized municipalities, agencies and organizations the ability to electronically issue parking and traffic citations without the expense of traditional, complex software implementations.


Built on industry-standard technology we provide the tools to significantly improve citation revenue; cities can see a first year increase in revenue by 30% or more.  Users, equipped with ruggedized Windows Mobile handhelds and wireless portable printers, issue citations easily and efficiently. The mobile application provides task-specific information, saving keystrokes, reducing errors and allowing more tickets to be issued per hour.


Using "smart" mobile technology, the Citation System works independently of a network connection, allowing users process violations where ever duty calls.  Desk-based staff access the application through a Web portal. The system includes a suite of administrative functions to manage infractions, codes, locations and users. The system can integrate with many major back-end court management and docket systems, adding an extra level of functionality.


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