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Public Sector Solutions

Traffic eCitations - Field Interviews - Accident Reports

With our solutions, officers in the field have everything they need to issue citations in real time, automating the citation process and providing real-time access to information from your back end systems.

The ability to scan a bar code or magnetic stripe on a driver’s license enables the automatic population of many fields in seconds, including name, address, license number and expiration date. Drop down menus for violations and vehicle information further streamline data capture and protect against errors, and related fields can be automatically populated, such as fine amounts and court information.


Integration of GPS and a color digital camera allows officers to capture and append photographic evidence to the electronic citation with the press of a button, complete with a geostamp — the latitude and longitude of the location.


Officers can snap panoramic pictures of an entire accident scene as well as close-ups of vehicle damage to document proof of location and proof of condition — evidence that can be instantly and automatically appended to an electronic accident report.


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