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Mobile VPN

The success of any mobile application deployment hinges on your ability to provide your mobile workforce with secure, real-time access to critical information and applications in the field. A well-executed mobile deployment empowers workers with the resources they need to be effective—resulting in faster business transactions, improved customer service, and ultimately, happier customers and increased revenue.


At the fulcrum of a successful mobile deployment is a Mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN)—a solution providing mobile workers with secure, reliable, remote access to network resources and information from virtually anywhere. Only a Mobile VPN is designed to deal with the unique challenges associated with mobile computing such as wireless security, performance and roaming.


The best-in-class Mobile VPN is Mobility XE—NetMotion Wireless’ flagship solution built from the ground up for mobile and wireless environments. Unlike traditional SSL and IPSec VPNs that do not perform well in wireless environments, Mobility XE is a Mobile VPN designed to deal with wireless security, coverage gaps, roaming, performance and handheld device support.

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