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Field Service Solutions

Equipment Management and Inspection Software

Fire and Safety Equipment Inspections

FacilityManager for Fire is a versatile, flexible solution that can be used by any size facility. The product is designed to schedule, track and document inspection and maintenance activities on all types of fire & life safety equipment, fire doors, sprinklers, and EH&S equipment. The system ensures accurate, on-time inspections and eliminates missed inspections. The comprehensive reporting feature provides information on due, overdue, completed, and future inspections.


By utilizing hand-held Pocket PCs, FacilityManager for Fire allows technicians to record detailed information about inspections and provides the ability to generate a work order in the field.

FacilityManager for Fire is available as a web-based service, a licensed stand-alone system or a licensed client-server enterprise application.


Medical Equipment Inspections

As a leading authority in medical equipment management software, our solution provides customers with a systematic approach to quality control and risk management with its computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS): Medi-Mizer and the newly acquired Sentinel Infinity systems. Both systems have incorporated hand-held Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), creating paperless solutions that offer mobility to biomedical technicians.


Medi-Mizer also offers a Plant Engineering module, allowing the integration of facility management into one feature-rich package as well as an Internet work request system. Medi-Mizer combines innovative software with PDA technology, helping medical equipment technicians accurately monitor safety, performance, preventive maintenance inspections and scheduled parts replacement.


Physical Security Tours

Regardless of the newest high-tech security technologies, true physical security measures will always require some level of human intervention for administration, maintenance and monitoring. Security officers remain a necessity to overall facility protection, especially since a human presence can mean added protection to ensure that all critical areas or equipment are continuously inspected. Our Guard Tour Management systems provide Officers with the tools they need to ensure a facility’s safety, while at the same time providing managers with a sophisticated level of data integrity and confidence that security officers are where they are supposed to be and are performing their duties as required.


General Inspections

We provide three software solutions to automate general inspection processes for and asset/inventory control.

Inspection Manager is a general purpose program designed for facilities or manufacturers that require periodic inspections of equipment for maintenance management or compliance-related purposes. The paperless solution can also be used for equipment readings, safety inspections and location checks.


Inspection Manager uses hand-held computers to automatically collect inspection data. To use the product, barcodes are affixed to machinery or locations in order to identify each checkpoint. Inspectors then simply scan the barcodes using the hand-held computer. The Inspector is provided with a list of questions specific to the location or piece of equipment, ensuring that each inspection is completed as required. All inspections are time-and-date stamped, providing tamper-proof data about when the checks occurred. When an inspection route is complete, Inspectors place the hand-held computer in a cradle that uploads the information to a central PC database. From there, a variety of reports can be printed that outline the details of the inspections. Whether your facility needs a stand-alone, network or enterprise solution, Inspection Manager can help your company eliminate paper-based documentation and increase efficiency and productivity.  Inspection Manager is a general purpose program designed for facilities that require periodic inspections of equipment for maintenance management or compliance-related purposes. The TrackPak products automate and simplify a facility's processes for tracking assets, inventory and tools.


Asset Track is designed to track and manage assets such as computers, machinery, furniture, equipment, vehicles and more. Asset Track traces the receiving, storing and transfer of any type item. The system provides information on asset quantities and location of the asset within the building.

Inventory Track is designed to record the movement of any type of inventory in a warehouse or stockroom. The system is used to track the receiving, storing and transfer of inventory items. Inventory Track provides information on inventory levels and the exact location of the inventory.

Tool Track records the movement of any type of tools or supplies in and out of a tool room. The system tracks the receiving, transfer, location and check-in/check-out of tools. Tool Track increases the accuracy of tool and supply inventory, eliminating the expense of replacing missing tools.

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