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Pre-built applications, customized to meet your needs

Custom mobile application development

Tools to develop your own mobile applications

Best of breed mobile computing devices

Mobile integration into back end ERP and CRM systems

Data collection and GPS location information integration

Mobility can dramatically improve a company's operations by bridging the gap between on-site employees and remote employees, assets and inventories. Traditional on-site employees enjoy real-time access to enterprise data, which leads to higher productivity, greater efficiency and improved agility. More than ever, employees, assets and inventories are located in remote locations, disconnected from the main office's people and systems. Between them sits the gap that mobility can help close and, in the process, generate measurable business benefits. Pacific Mobile Solutions can help you bridge that gap.

Field Service

Facility Management, Fire and Safety Inspections, Medical Equipment Inspections, General Inspections

Our solutions allow field technicians and engineers to access and update vital management information anytime-anywhere.

Public Sector  

Traffic Citations, Parking Citations, Mobile ID

With our solutions, officers in the field have everything they need to issue citations in real time, automating the citation process and providing real-time access to information from your back end systems.


XenBee for Beekeepers, XenTrial for Seed Growers and Distributors

We offer applications specifically developed to automate the field intensive processes of Beekeepers and Seed Growers.


Aberdeen’s research shows that field service organizations must deal with increasing customer demand for faster service resolution and escalating costs as top market pressures. To address both areas, Best-in-Class organizations are leveraging automation and mobile solutions to improve workforce productivity, capture more accurate information about service and equipment performance, and create complete links within the service delivery chain. These findings are drawn from a survey of more than 250 field service professionals. Read the full report by clicking HERE. Or submit your email address in the form to the right.

Deployment support



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Traffic Citations

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Facility Management
XenBee for Beekeepers

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